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Welcome to Transmission Doctor. We are the number one resource on the internet for people who need information on Transmission Repair and want to know about Transmission Repair Costs. The cornerstone of our offering is our Consumer Protection Program that provides dispute resolution to ensure fair treatment for both shop owners and their customers!


A great place to start is to review some Transmission Basics and be sure you take some time to review our Recommended Process before you make any decisions on how to proceed if you think your car is having adverse Transmission Problems and Symptoms.

Our team and contributors are made up of long time talented Transmission Repair Specialists. Our goal is to help you understand your options and navigate your way towards finding a solution and service center that suits your specific needs.

We will help guide you to Certified Centers in your city who have earned the Transmission Doctor seal of approval and steer you clear of Transmission Repair Shops who have a poor track record. You can use our shop finder tool to locate a center that is certified.

We will create an online community for Transmission Repair Mechanics and Transmission Repair Resources.

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